Confectionery producers specialising in traditional carnival fried sweetmeats.

The high quality standards with which ERA ’90 guarantees its products are the result of precise company choices:

  • the ingredients used are of the highest quality, raw materials are certified organic for the dedicated line. ERA ’90 is always on the lookout for innovations such as the special spelt flour and whole wheat flour line
  • ERA ’90 products are PALM OIL FREE
  • we use solely sunflower oil high in oleic acid in our products
  • ERA’90 staff are highly qualified and specialised in this particular type of production and attentive to maintaining quality standards
  • ERA'90, aware of the growing need to safeguard the environment, uses solely clean energy from renewable sources; its gas and electricity are supplied by Dolomiti Energia spa, which is certified for its renewable sources of energy


Oleic acid is an unsaturated fat that reduces the risk of cardiovascular issues arising from cholesterol, high blood pressure and obesity. It ensures the sunflower oil stays particularly stable at high temperatures, more resistant to the oxidation and degradation to which fatty acids are subject during cooking.

"This is why we made this choice..."