Our family's long-standing experience in the food and confectionery sector gave rise to a range of TRADITIONAL CARNIVAL PRODUCTS.

With renewed enthusiasm, production began in autumn of ’90, the year ERA ’90 emerged onto the market; the range was quickly extended and product quality did the rest.

At its Budrio headquarters on the outskirts of Bologna, ERA ’90 looks after the entire production process with automated frying, baking and the delicate final cooling stage. At the same time, ERA ’90 recognises the great value of manual preparation – thanks to its selected and qualified staff - in the dough-making and final packaging phases.

TRADITION AND INNOVATION - A great deal of attention is paid to the choice of ingredients in keeping with tradition and with the new demands of consumers. ERA ’90 offers recipes with a traditional flavour as well as products that are entirely organic or made with special flours.

Our selected and qualified staff guarantee meticulous product control throughout the production process. Modern machinery takes care of packaging and packing and the GOLD LINE enhances the presentation with a refined gold-coloured pack.

ERA ’90 is on the market with two brands: ERA ’90® and ALL SWEET®

The company operates exclusively in compliance with the hygiene and health regulations and work safety standards envisaged for the sector.

OUR CUSTOMERS - ERA ’90 supplies confectionery wholesalers, mass retail, Discount and Private Labels for specific customer requirements.

Quality, tradition and innovation. This is ERA ’90.